In Avenue 5th

You breathe upon the steady waters of my heart


the sound of your love

Quieting the rush of waters 

I echo a mystery 

Something buried deep

I wonder …

Glimmering brightened star

I desire to be free of your innocence,

To un-see your beauty

I stir my thoughts to forget you

Like the waters of the seas

Your starry face shines on me

Your smile complements your teeth

A bright full moon in the dark of night

You reflect in my inner being

Now I rage as a wave unbridled , 

A beast provoked

From the deep waters 

I arise without mercy

Restrain I cast off as unworthy garment

My being will roar

To swallow you whole 

Quench your love

Your tongue will know mine 

Your head will sway 

Your hair will dance in the wind

Like leaves in the rain

Your heart like a bird set free

Will sing a new symphony

A song of many degrees

Your soul will burst forth 

Like the rays of shooting suns

Like unrelenting winds in a storm

I will tear the fabric of caution

Lean into you

And as I break open my shell

Unveiling the mystery of your beauty

My arms will surround you

As a robe they will cover you 

I will breathe into you

And you into me

You will feel no pain

You will know to be consumed

The tide will bury you, define you …drown you..

You will be unknown to yourself 

And even I shall be a mystery to myself

Love will sweep you away

I will be within the current 

I will let you out of my grasp 

And walk away 

For again today 

And today again

another kiss in Avenue 5th


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