5th Avenue 

Take My breath 

Let time like falling sheets of rain be quietened 

As the bleeding rays of red suns

May I see a glimmer of light

Sit on the waters of your eyes 

As the moon on the ripples of the seas

Cage my heart in your soul

Blind my sight to see no other

Let the feather envy your soft touch 

The sun your warmth 

Forget the whisper of the wind

The vapour of time

After this moment only you will l miss 

Nothing more tender than your kiss

Awaken love within you

Stir the leviathan out of your sea

Let your fear become like it

Mystic and unreal 

Hold me and rage for nothing but love

While in your arms I will be still

Walking away in the heart of a busy street 

We will one day be together 

For now on 5th avenue 

Is where fear and love meet


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