Blonde Mane & Sapphire

I watch from a distance, still yet to tell the story. I was born without the fear but overtime it crept in like shadows in the dark of night. As l watch from a distance, l wonder does she understand? How beautiful her mane is. Blonde and golden as the summers sun. 

Her feet, supplanted in the sand

 all that was, and still yet to be

 She is, when l close my eyes

but not, when l open

I have rode before

to show this l fear

Deep scars unseen do l bear

will she with me find peace

l wish forever in this state to be,

in Wonder before the leap

My heart warns, her spirit is free;

l retort, Let her be

Neck as beautiful as unbridled horse

Blonde hair dancing as mane

l fear her beauty is reckless with my heart

her soul unmerciful on my constitution

Her eyes like blue sapphire will swallow me whole

Alas l have always wanted this

Twas’ no matter of control

if she will have me to embrace,

My arms round’ her neck

we will together into the sunset walk

and never look back.


tis’ the tale of my love, maybe the one to be,

you may not be a horse

but my delight and heart

reside with thee


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