Broken Mirrors And Calculators

It is such a bold statement to make, and maybe even a strange evaluation of self. To assert that Truth can be bodied and expressed as an Individual. The story l am about to tell starts with a mirror and if all goes well should end in truth. 

To know of a truth is to echo sound as a cave, but to be the truth is to mirror the reflection of what is. 

If truth were to walk as a being, right before my eyes surely l would not be too kind to host it. For therein my constitution lies certain unpleasing and rather ill thoughts.What is truth? It is not a lie and most assuredly it is unquestionable.

If the truth be likened to a mirror, it becomes unpleasent to look into it because it speaks of both the good and the bad. With absolute verity, truth can walk before you and with ease speak of your hidden discomforts as simple as you can tell the condition of the weather. This quality of truth l put it to you, is what brings discomfort, to know that what may seem hidden or what we may conceal is as clear as summers day in its eyes.

Not so very long ago a friend of mine asked me to clarify why and how we can place the Christian faith amongst others. I proposed the following; that of all the other Gods, only one has introduced himself not as a measurement, an embodiment or even a shadow but rather has clarified himself as TRUTH. Not knowing the truth either no, but being THE TRUTH.  It then falls to reason that if there be one true why are there so many? Does this deny the existence of other gods?

He who knows the truth is empowered to OVERCOME, he who is truth CONQUERS ALL.  The scary thing about the mirror is unlike a calculator it does not need input, and function to process the value of what it is given. The mirror reflects what is and is not limited to mathematical certainties. So to see yourself as originally designed, you will discard the calculator and take up a mirror.

Maybe the calculator was a far fetched example, let us use a second mirror as demonstration. Well if The truth is likened to a mirror, every time we deviate from it we may be breaking the glass. Whatever fills the void between the cracks and shards of glass is falsity. The existence of the truth then is scarred by the cracks on the surface and what you get is an image of multiple identities, not true to the presentation of what is.

And so now when Jesus Christ speaks of Himself as truth, he makes a bold claim which must be investigated. For l speak with confidence, that for TRUTH to stand it must be weighed against all elements that oppose it. The presence of other gods then makes his claim true (THAT HE IS THE TRUTH) , for if he be true there should be many false. (read that again). In the many commandments we are presented with one which forbids the worship of other gods, so we do not deny existence of other gods (Calculators and Broken Mirrors) we simply amplify the TRUTH (JESUS CHRIST).

It falls then to the individual to test if what is spoken by HE (JESUS CHRIST) who is TRUTH stands true.If we are to treat Him as TRUTH that means he cannot lie and therefore what He said must carry the weight of result and reality.  The quality of truth is that it seeks not to prove a lie, but simply stands alone in full confidence of what it is. As a believer l may take this further by saying if you were standing in the sun and Jesus said to you its raining, regardless of what you feel, see or hear you would need an umbrella(that is the certainty of truth). It is evidenced by the reality of its unique presentation. Ever so right…

To deviate from Jesus Christ is to look into a broken mirror, to seek answers to measure what man is, is to embrace the calculator. These broken mirrors and calculators are mans greatest undoing, it is not that they do not yield results it is simply that they give either a limited (incomplete) or falsified truth.

to be continued….

“I am the Way the Truth and the Life” – Jesus Christ (Son Of God) 



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